Spring in winter with the SKI RACK

Frühling im Winter mit dem SKI RACK

It is what it is. And it's the middle of February. Lockdown. The attractive border to Tyrol remains closed - although only a few kilometers south of my home in Tölz there are good snow conditions. At home, the reality is a little different. In the Bavarian Prealps, the snow line increases every day. And the days in February are up to 20 degrees and have been for three weeks. I haven't counted the fitness units at Brauneck in the meantime. With hundreds of other ski tourers who flee from the home office madness of the big city every day and are looking for solitude in the mountains, I have pushed my way down the artificial snow slopes towards the summit many times.

Together with Christoph and Max, I was able to share many wonderful years at ORTOVOX. Today I still enjoy working for the brand. But the boys wanted to discover new things. Go your own way. Realize your own ideas. Luckily. So at the beginning of February, after two years of little contact, the long-awaited reunion took place. At first we followed our tradition, which came from the times when Christoph was still a neighbor in nearby Wackersberg and we plowed the Brauneck up and down in the morning before or often after work. Then he proudly presented to me what he had been working on for two years now. Great, super light and very sexy looking bike bags - but what excited me even more: a ski rack that we attached to my bike together.  

The Dürrach is fed by various small streams that originate in the Vorkarwendel. The tour options are as varied as the streams. It's not exactly the Munich classic tours that start here.

From the starting point it's time to cycle - actually a pretty good mass filter. It's just after six in the morning. We are finally looking for lonely ski tours that we missed so much this winter. We're not completely lonely, but at least I'm the only one with a bike rack. After many spring ski tours that started at the end of long Karwendel valleys, into which I dragged my skis, tied to my rucksack, I am now - a few weeks before my 40th birthday -  arrived in a new comfort league. Two movements. The skis and poles are firmly fixed parallel to the top tube. Nothing that scratches, grinds or hinders steering. I am extremely enthusiastic. From the rack, as well as from that day, which gave us a piece "before Corona", with continued solitude and carefree cruising over buttery soft firn slopes.    

Good luck, dear Christoph, dear Max, with your unique products!

Hendrik Reschke, Head of Communication, ORTOVOX Sportartikel GmbH