Top Tube Bag white
Top Tube Bag black
Cyclist with bikepacking gravelbike
Cyclist on a gravelbike
Top Tube Bag opened
Inside of the Top Tube Bag
Side view Bikepacking Bags
Top Tube Bag side view white
Side view Top Tube Bag black
Inside view Top Tube Bag
Top Tube Back black closed
Top Tube Bag black closed front view
Gravelbike with bikepacking bags
Top Tube Bag view from above


Normal price €89,90
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The TOP TUBE BAG is ideal for immediate access while driving: the cover is simply folded back on the loop. This gives you full access to the content without having to interrupt your journey.

Ultralight: 112g
Save energy, get further, keep your bike dynamic and maximize your riding experience! The bikepacking bags from CYCLITE are way ahead of the competition!

Waterproof, durable and easy to clean
Drive in any weather, protect your valuables and keep your luggage dry. Our bags are high-frequency welded and are made of high-quality, super-strong yet lightweight fabric that we have coated on both sides to ensure maximum robustness and cleanability.

1.3 liters volume and full of functions
Power restraint straps, unique hinged lid for maximum weather protection
and quick access while driving, 2 main pockets with waterproof zippers, inside pocket, large reflector pattern, covered cable / hose opening, ...

Plastic-free packaging
As cyclists who love nature, we do everything we can to minimize our footprint - that's why we avoid plastic waste.

Mounting and Functions

The video is in German and English subtitles are available.
To switch on the subtitles, click on the settings wheel under the video, select English under Subtitles and switch them on.


Size: 25 x 9 x 6 cm  (L x H x W)

The TOP TUBE BAG fits all bikes that have a top tube and can be mounted behind the steering head or in front of the seat post (or both if you use two).