Crossing the European continent - TCRN08

Durch Europa - Transcontinental Nr. 08

a chat about physical toughness, mental hardship, pizza and a good playlist

The Transcontinental Race #8 will be starting Sunday night at 10pm. This is THE ULTIMATE self-supported bike race across the European Continent. Starting in Belgium, crossing the Czech Republic, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, riders reach the finish line in Bulgaria after roughly 4000 kilometres. While the route might sound romantic the transcontinental is a synonym to toughness. The start, some checkpoints and the finish line are given - the rest is up to the rider: The physical condition, the thoughts, food supply, set-up of the bike and even the route. We are proud of our athlete Sebastian Breuer starting this challenge today. 

Sebastian’s bag selection for TCR:


Sebastian, why are you riding TCR? What are your expectations from this race?

I was looking for a new, big challenge that needs my entire attention. And that's why I'm now going from Belgium to Bulgaria, completely self-supported and against 400 other starters.

Why did you choose bags from CYCLITE? 

They have convinced me from the first second when I saw them at a friend. Aerodynamically and the ultra-light weight is more than perfect for my project.

What do you pack into your CYCLITE bags? 

Predominantly food. I think the food supply during the ride will be crucial. The Cyclite bag is super reachable and I can easily grab snacks during the ride without stopping. 

What thoughts do you have during such a long ride?

Good question… Maybe that I could be eating Pizza right now..? 😅

How much of the effort is physical, how much is mental?

50:50 - Without form, it's tough and, in my eyes, unfeasible. But if the head isn't fit, then the best legs won't help.

How do you deal with lows? How does a high feel? When do you experience each of them?

During lows you have to keep talking yourself out of it and look for small motivations. For example, the bakery in the next town. 

Highs are indescribable. It is the best reward and helps you through many lows. Sometimes even months or years later, or during training in Winter! 

I can never predict when which phase will come. It depends on so many factors. For me in particular on weather and hunger...

What helps you feel lighter during hard times? Any thoughts, any songs?

When the going gets tough, my playlist on Spotify comes into play. My wife Christina put it together for me and it's like a double load of new power. That shows that she knows me well :)

What's your favorite thing about riding long distances?

The moment when you arrive and see what you have accomplished. An indescribable feeling. 

What does freedom mean to you?

The infinity of possibility. There are no limits. Not physically and not mentally. That’s freedom.

Sebastian, we wish you good luck and beautiful memories along the ride (and lots of Pizzas at the finish line)!

Ultra cyclist Sebastian Breuer
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