Learn more about the bikepacking and ultra-distance cyclists who rely on CYCLITE bags for their challenges.

Their experiences, from the toughest races in the world, are used to optimize existing products and are the basis for the development of new bags.

We talked to these athletes about how they organize their everyday life around the sport, how they look back on their past successes, what plans they have and what their personal superpower is. Let their stories inspire and motivate you.

Daniel Gottschalk

The Northcape4000 winner loves to gain new experiences while bikepacking. How he trains to get by with little sleep, achieves top performance with minimal planning, and which countries he intends to cross this year.

The interview with Daniel

Luisa Werner

In just two years, she won the Three Peaks Bike Race, Italy Divide and the Atlas Mountain Race - alongside a PhD. She came from rowing to cycling, likes to push the limits of her personal performance and loves the atmosphere of ultra races.

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Marius Karteusch

After a motorcycle accident, he only started cycling in 2020 and two years later, finished an incredible 2nd place at the world famous Unbound XL in the USA. For this year, he has set even bigger goals...

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Sherry Cardona

Winner of the Race Around The Netherlands, the B-Hard Ultra Race and Transiberica (pair category), a Colombian living in the Netherlands, knows no better race food than Haribo. Bikepacking is first of all a unique feeling of freedom to her.

The interview with Sherry

Jair hoogland

The Dutch finisher of the Transcontinental Race 2022 is addicted to long races that take him to new countries as he loves the adventure involved. He seeks extreme challenges as they make him feel very happy.

The interview with Jair

Niko weiß

Spontaneous Alpine crossings, without sleep break, are common for him. Mr. Gargelfing's favorite route leads from Munich to Italy. He tells us why he always starts again and what excites him so much about it.