Handlebar Bag white
Handle bar bag black
Handle Bar Bag mounted on Gravelbike
Man with Gravelbike, white Cyclite Bags mounted on it
Gravelrider on a rocky path with sea view
Aero Bag and Handle Bar Bag mounted
Handle Bar Roll Bag white
Handle Bar Roll Bag close up
Black Cyclite Bags mounted on white gravelbike
Detail picture of the opening of the bag
Complete Cyclite bikepacking bag setup mounted on an Open gravelbike
Perspective from above with all bags mounted
Gravelbike with bikepacking bags
Cyclist riding uphill


Normal price €124,90
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The HANDLE BAR ROLL BAG is the ultra-light option to attach a lot of equipment to the handlebars. Individually or in combination with the HANDLE BAR AERO BAG, it significantly expands the storage space and offers a good counterweight to the SADDLE BAG.

Ultralight: 198g
Save energy, get further, keep your bike dynamic and maximize your riding experience! The bikepacking bags from CYCLITE are way ahead of the competition!

Waterproof, durable and easy to clean
Drive in any weather, protect your valuables and keep your luggage dry. Our bags are high-frequency welded and are made of high-quality, super-strong yet lightweight fabric that we have coated on both sides to ensure maximum robustness and cleanability.

12.6 l volume and full of functions
Four-point attachment for maximum stability, optional belt compression for a better fit between the drop bars, elastic belt system for quick attachment of clothing, large reflective pattern, can be combined with HANDLE BAR AERO BAG, ...

Plastic-free packaging
As cyclists who love nature, we do everything we can to minimize our footprint - that's why we avoid plastic waste.

Mounting and Functions 

The video is in German and English subtitles are available. 
To switch on the subtitles, click on the settings wheel under the video, select English under Subtitles and switch them on.


Size: 33-55 x 17 cm (W x D)

The HANDLE BAR ROLL BAG can only be used so wide that it fits between the grips of road bike handlebars without affecting the function of the brakes. In addition, the distance between the (upper) handlebar and the tyre must be at least 21 cm.