Christoph Kirsch


Max Barnsteiner

Head of sales

Florian Großegger

Enthusiasm and expertise

What drives us when founding CYCLITE and designing every single product is the frustration with existing bike transport equipment - often too heavy, impractical and just not as functional as we would like it to be. We have therefore decided to do it better and to revolutionize luggage transport on the bike with completely new ideas. The first prototypes were created with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. The company was founded a few months later in order to be able to help those of you bikepackers who feel the same way. 

We use decades of experience that we have gathered in the textile and bag sector. After countless products for outdoor and aviation sports, we can confidently claim to be experts in lightweight constructions and fabrics. We know how and where they are made and how to develop innovative materials of the highest quality. We have been working closely with our production partners for many years and can rely on their know-how and processing quality. 

In order to meet our requirements for functionality, lightness, quality and design, we take care of every little detail, test our prototypes under the toughest conditions and are only satisfied with 100%.