Saddlebag white
Saddlebag black
Cyclist with gravelbike mounting saddlebag
Cyclist riding his gravel bike next to the sea. White bikepacking bags mounted
Cyclist riding uphill on a gravelbike
Saddlebag black
Saddlebag white
Saddlebag white, back side
Gravelbike front view
Saddlebag white mounted
Gravelbike with bikepacking bags, back view
Complete bikepacking setup
Complete bikepacking setup with black bags
Hike-a-bike with gravelbike
Cyclist riding gravelbike uphill
Gravel bikepacking bag setup
Cycylist riding downhill on a gravelbike


Normal price €179,90
VAT included. plus Shipping


The SADDLE BAG is the classic among bikepacking bags. A lot of luggage can be stored here in the slipstream of the driver.

Ultralight: 318g
Save energy, get further, keep your bike dynamic and maximize your riding experience! The bikepacking bags from CYCLITE are way ahead of the competition!

Waterproof, durable and easy to clean
Drive in any weather, protect your valuables and keep your luggage dry. Our bags are high-frequency welded and are made of high-quality, super-strong yet lightweight fabric that we have coated on both sides to ensure maximum robustness and cleanability.

Maximum hold - no swinging back and forth
No slipping of the bag when stepping, thanks to the SR bracket and internal carbon reinforcement

12.9 l volume and full of functions
Quick and easy aluminum hook attachment, lamp holder, elastic belt system for quickly attaching clothes, compression valve, large reflector pattern.
The volume can be reduced to approx. 9 litres by rolling the bag up several times.

Plastic-free packaging
As cyclists who love nature, we do everything we can to minimize our footprint - that's why we avoid plastic waste.

Mounting and Functions

The video is in German and English subtitles are available.
To switch on the subtitles, click on the settings wheel under the video, select English under Subtitles and switch them on.


Size: 35-52 x 23 x 18 cm (L x H x W)

The SADDLE BAG requires a minimum vertical distance between the saddle rail and the rear tyre of 23 cm (measured when compressed for fullies).

The length of the seat post must be at least 15cm (measured from top of the seat post to top of the seat tubes).

If the seat clamp sticks out over the seat post, it should be turned forward to avoid friction with the bag.

If a dropper seat post is used, the lowering must also be taken into account to avoid the bag touching the rear tyre and possible damage as a result.

Usage with aero seatposts possible.