First aid for bikepacking - introduction to an important topic

Erste Hilfe beim Bikepacking - Einführung in ein wichtiges Thema

When it comes to the bikepacking adventure, safety and preparation come first. Regardless of whether you are an experienced bikepacker or are just diving into the world of bike touring, one thing is certain: unforeseeable situations can arise at any time.

That's why we want to talk about an extremely important topic that you should definitely deal with: first aid for bikepacking. Our goal is to prepare you for an emergency and to give you the confidence to react correctly in critical moments.

In collaboration with Raphael, himself a bikepacker and emergency paramedic, two videos were created to introduce the topic: In the first part we address the topics of sprains and bleeding. In the second part, we focus on unconsciousness and resuscitation. 

Part 1: Sprains and Bleeding

We'll show you step by step how to stay calm and react appropriately in such situations. Raphael guides you through the correct treatment of sprains to minimize possible complications and promote healing. We will also show you how to properly treat bleeding to reduce the risk of infections and support wound healing.

Part 2 – Unconsciousness and resuscitation

If you are unexpectedly faced with such emergencies on your cycling adventures, it is crucial to act prudently and respond correctly. Raphael, will guide you step by step through dealing with unconsciousness. You will learn how to recognize loss of consciousness and quickly take the right measures. We will show you the correct moves and techniques to safely perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

We hope we were able to give you a good insight into the topic with these videos and refresh your knowledge.

If you have input or topic requests for the continuation of the video series, we would be very happy to receive a short email to

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