Minimalism and lightness when bikepacking

Minimalismus und Leichtigkeit beim Bikepacking

Bikepacking is more than just a way to get from A to B. It is a lifestyle, a way of traveling that combines the freedom and independence of cycling with the adventure of discovery. For many bikepackers, it's all about traveling light and minimalist to experience nature in its purest form and free your mind.

In this article we want to shed light on the importance of lightness and minimalism in bikepacking and how our CYCLITE bags make a decisive contribution to achieving this lightness.

The advantages of lightweight and compact luggage

Bikepacking is usually not about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Rather, it's about the experience of the trip itself - the landscapes, the people, the cultures and the challenges that await you along the way. But weight also plays a crucial role in this context.

Lightness when bikepacking not only means less strain on the body, but also more freedom and flexibility on the route. The less weight you have to carry, the easier it is to tackle steep climbs, cover long distances and concentrate on what's important: the experience.

Likewise, a lightweight, compact and centrally mounted luggage setup on the bike helps to make riding feel very natural. Due to the low weight and the central positioning of the center of gravity (as well as wobble-free (saddle) bags), the bike remains dynamic and easy to control - a decisive advantage compared to classic bike bags that are attached to the luggage rack.

In the increasingly popular long-distance races, however, weight and aerodynamics are actually crucial to the race, because small differences play a big role, especially on long distances. 

The role of weight in bikepacking

The heavier the total weight, the more power is required to ride up the mountain or cover a certain route. Wattage increases proportionally with weight and speed.

Overall, a lighter overall weight allows for more efficient climbing and overcoming distances more effortlessly. Weight is therefore an essential factor that bikepackers should take into account, especially if the route involves mountainous terrain and long distances. 

The decisive factor is the total weight: your own weight plays a role, that of your bike, but of course also that of the luggage you are carrying, including the bikepacking bags.

Often every gram is taken into account when it comes to the bike itself, but no focus is placed on it when it comes to the equipment or the bags. What we think about it is clear: a 7 kg bike is nice, but if you load it with heavy bags, you won't get much out of your super light bike. 

The CYCLITE perspective

At CYCLITE, we see ourselves as pioneers in the development of high-quality bikepacking equipment that places low weight at the centre of the design. 

A typical five-piece bag set from CYCLITE, with a storage volume of 35 liters, which is enough for a bikepacking tour lasting several weeks with a certain degree of minimalism, weighs well under one kilogram in total. 

Compared to other bag manufacturers, this can save over half a kilo in weight with the same volume. 

CYCLITE was founded because we did not find a satisfactory solution on the market that met our requirements in terms of weight and aerodynamics.

The secret of our lightweight CYCLITE bags lies in the specially developed material and the well thought-out design.

By using ultra-light but high-strength materials, the bags are light but still extremely durable and robust.

Based on decades of work and experience in the outdoor and aviation sectors, we have developed our own 200D Nylon 6.6 HD Ripstop fabric in collaboration with the best textile manufacturers:
Coated on the outside with PU, weatherproof and dirt-proof and laminated on the inside with TPU, the material guarantees, in addition to high abrasion and tear resistance, an unrivaled light weight compared to similar materials. In addition, it allows us to process it using a high-frequency welding process and therefore 100% waterproof.

The construction of our bags is also designed to be lightweight and durable.

We not only use an ultra-light fabric, but also load-optimized and therefore lighter elements in other places. We avoid unnecessary weight and optimize the construction in all details, with the greatest possible stability in the structure and attachment. The construction includes reinforcement frames made of HD-PE, which can be removed for additional weight optimization. High-frequency welding allows us to produce light, flexible and weatherproof bags without having to seal them with tape. 

Our bags are not just tools, but also symbols of the values ​​and ideals of bikepacking. They embody the philosophy of lightness and freedom that defines bikepacking. With their light weight, they allow bikepackers to concentrate on the travel experience without feeling burdened by unnecessary luggage.



Minimalism and lightness is an essential part of bikepacking. Only with reduced, compact equipment that weighs as little as possible can you enjoy the many individual moments on your tour. True to the motto: Minimum weight means maximum experiences. 

CYCLITE bags set new standards in terms of weight optimization and design. Developed from the need for lightness and functionality, they enable freedom. With a focus on the essentials, the bags embody bikepacking in its purest form: they allow adventurers to fully concentrate on the experience without feeling burdened by unnecessary weight.

Images: (C) Stephen Shelesky

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