White bicycle bags: More than style

Weiße Fahrradtaschen: Mehr als Style


In this article you will find out why we were the first manufacturer to decide to develop white bicycle bags already back in 2020 - and what practical advantages they offer you.

Aesthetics and functionality united

White bags give your bike a modern, fresh look and make a statement on the road. But at CYCLITE it's not just the appearance that counts - functionality and practicality always come first.
True to the motto 'form follows function', in addition to the unique look, it was particularly the functional advantages that convinced us to produce white bags. 


Advantages of white bags

  1. Increased visibility for greater safety
    White bags are more visible in all weather and lighting conditions, increasing your safety and preventing accidents. Especially at dusk or in bad weather conditions, the bright color ensures that you are seen faster and more clearly. 

  2. Brighter interior for easier finding
    The bright interior makes it easy to find your equipment quickly. No more searching for keys, tools or snacks - everything is visible at a glance. This is an invaluable advantage, especially in poor lighting conditions. A quick glance is enough and you have everything under control without having to spend a long time digging through the depths of your bag.

  3. Less heat inside
    In summer temperatures, the light-colored fabric reduces heat development inside the bag, which helps food stay fresh longer and prevent it from melting. 


Durable and easy to care for

We often receive the question whether the white bags get dirty quickly and whether they are easy to clean. Our answer is clear: you don't have to worry about that. Because our white bikepacking bags and backpacks are just as durable and easy to clean as the black color version. Thanks to the outer PU coating, which prevents dirt from penetrating the fibers, simply rinsing with water is enough to make them shine again. If the dirt is more severe, you can use a brush and mild soapy water. 

Practical experiences and customer feedback

Our white bags have proven themselves in numerous practical tests and with our customers and athletes. A lot of feedback confirms the advantages we were hoping for during development. In particular, the increased visibility and the brighter interior are repeatedly highlighted as positive.


Why white bags are the better choice

White bags may seem unusual at first glance, but they offer functional benefits that make them an excellent choice for bikepackers. The increased visibility, brighter interior and lower internal heat development make them a perfect choice for every bikepacker. The white bags are just as durable and easy to clean as other bikepacking bags.

In addition, they are an expression of our philosophy at CYCLITE, which is to always break new ground and find innovative solutions with the goal to enhance your bikepacking experience.

PS: The bags are not pure white, but in a light grey: The color hides small dirt and ensures that your bags still look like new even after many kilometers. In addition, the light grey blends in better with your overall bike setup. We call this color “light grey”. 


What do you think about white bags?
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