RIDER INTERVIEW - Nathalie Baillon
Nathalie Baillon has become known in the ultra scene, especially through her 2023 season. She set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest time cycled by a woman from Tarifa to the North Cape. 
You will find out how this is possible and how she trains for it in this interview. 
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Jonas shares his personal story with us. As a former competitive athlete and aspiring professional cyclist, he had to overcome many setbacks and thus found his passion for bikepacking. You can find out how he deals with depression and what makes him happy in the following interview.
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Rider Interview - Niko Weiß / Gargelfing
We spoke to Niko Weiß about his very personal approach to cycling. For him, the bike is the perfect means of travel. He doesn't need any training for his tours - find out how he can still ride several hundred kilometers without a break.
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