Rider Interview - Sebastian

Sebastian Breuer Potrait

An interview with Sebastian Breuer

We had a chat with Sebastian, about life in general, his passion for riding bikes and we talked about his season. He even told us about his superpower.

If a stranger would ask you to describe yourself in one sentence, what would you say?

I am a guy who loves bikes and lives for riding them. 

What does bikepacking mean to you? 

Endless Freedom.

Which form of bikepacking to you like the most? 

Riding my bike on a sunny day from dusk till dawn. A coffe maker in my bag and a route which takes me the whole day, those two things make a day perfect.  

How do you train for you trips?  

That totally depends on the races. Before Badlands I did a lot of short intervals like 30/30*or 40/20* and stuff like that for example.
(*: 30 seconds hard effort followed by 30 seconds easier)

How do you manage your training besides your job? 

I just try to squeeze my trainings session in, whenever possible. Although quality time with my wife and my dog is super important. Easy is boring. 

How do you plan your races? 

First I look at the route, check it in detail to find all the resupply options. When that's done I try to get my bike and equipment choices right. 

How do you train? 

For physical training I rely on my trainer Lukas. He knows my body nearly as good as I do, because of that he manages to plan my training perfectly.
For mental training I just ride, I feel like it's super important to have your own methods and coping strategies. That's why experience is super important, especially for these bikepacking races. 

Are you happy with your season? 

It was like a dream. I won Badlands. Took part in Unbound, got 3rd at the Gravel World Series in Poland, managed to get 5th at the first Gravel World Championships. Just unbelievable. 

Which races did you take part in?

  • Traka girona 360k
  • Unbound 320k
  • WS gravel Polen
  • Transcontinental 
  • Badlands
  • Gravel Games
  • Gravel World Championships

What did you learn from this season? 

Keeping cool - no matter what. 

Whats your favorite bag? 

The HANDLE BAR AERO BAG. Aero is everything.

What's your superpower? 

Afterall the experience I gained it's my mental strength. It wasn't easy to get that mindset but I am 100% sure that everything is possible.